Burberry My Burberry for the Contemporary Earthy Women with a hint of Sensuality

burberry-my-burberry-for-women-90-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-burberryBurberry My Burberry for Women 90 ML Eau de Parfum was released in the year 2014 with a bold floral fragrance. Inspired by the trench coat of Burberry and the British heritage, the perfume captures the scent of a garden after the rain in London. It is a very contemporary fragrance which has a hint of delicate rose combined with an unexpected whiff of geranium leaf. This perfume was created to take make its way to the top 10 luxurious beauty products. It was announced to be a unique edition in the fragrance collection of Burberry. Interestingly, English models Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss presented the fragrance during its release in order to emphasize the British style of the perfume.

My Burberry shows that the brand Burberry used special creativity skills while composing the fragrance. The opening top notes of the perfume are mainly composed of sweet peas and citrus. The middle tones add an unexpected hint of geranium leaf along with freesia and golden quince. The top notes and the middle notes are rounded up with a base note composed of patchouli and rose. This clever composition of the fragrance was brought about by Francis Kurkdjian.

The fragrance is very convenient and contemporary, according to the reviewers. The vibrancy of the London city along with the touch of garden scent makes this perfume perfect for people who like the British style of living. The art of gardening is an important part in every Englishman’s life. Women who love natural flowery fragrance will prefer My Burberry, as it has a lush wetness scent that captures the earthiness and floweriness after a fresh rain. The rose and the freesia tones brighten the fragrance and add a little spice to the fruity floral scent that the sweet peas emit. Geranium leaves bring a vibrant and minty fragrance to the perfume.

When I first tried the perfume, the opening note was more like linen and bergamot in fragrance and as the time went by, a very British fruity floral fragrance was retained. I would wear this long lasting perfume during the day time. The bottle of My Burberry is honey beige with a ribbon on its neck which is made from the Burberry trench coat fabric. The unique fragrance and the design of the bottle definitely got thumbs up from me and I would recommend this perfume to women for daily wear.

This rain tipped contemporary perfume brings out the urbanity of women whilst maintaining a very sensual feminine side!

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental for Women – Perfume that leaves an Intense Memory

versace-pour-femme-oud-oriental-for-women-100-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-versaceVersace Pour Femme Oud Oriental for Women 100 ML Eau de Parfum is a luxurious edition of the Versace collection which was launched in the year 2014. It was paired up with Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir. Inspired by the painting which describes the seduction of the sunset in the desert, this perfume has a sensual heady aroma. The fragrance is bottled in gold shade with jellyfish shaped emblem engraved on the body of the bottle. In addition to this, Greek motif is present on the cap as a design which symbolizes the strong personality of women.

Oud Oriental is intense and combines both floral and spicy scent. Versace may be the only brand which linked both male and female fragrance with a blend of oud and leather. While rose, saffron and freesia are the main top notes of the perfume, base notes are composed of fragrances from agarwood, vanilla, sandalwood and leather. The middle notes used are patchouli, heliotrope and violet. All the notes used in this perfume are oriental and are generally used on romantic occasions.

The top and the middle tones are used for seduction and hence it softens the spicy base tones. This combination was created to show the mysticism of the Middle East and to bring out the heat of the desert which resembles the strong personality of a woman. The inner feeling of pride and sexiness can be conveyed when women wear this perfume. The light whiff of saffron is experienced as the opening feature in the perfume. As time goes by, the scent of rose becomes spicier with a tinge of oud. The unique scent is neither too soft nor too strong but it lasts throughout the day.

Interestingly, the cheeky smell of saffron along with the oriental flower fragrances has created a positive wave among the reviewers. The soft yet deep fragrance had taken me by surprise when I used it for the first time. But, I would definitely wear this fragrance for a special romantic evening which will bring out my strong personality with a little sensual touch. The lovely yet spicy notes scream “pour moi” and I would recommend the perfume for my friends who would love to make the men remember on their special date night. However, this Versace fragrance can be used both for day time as well as night time. Women prefer warm spicy fragrances to sweet smelling ones during the fall season.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Resonates With Glamor And Romance

viva-la-juicy-gold-couture-for-women-100-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-juicy-coutureJuicy Couture has done quite well with its Viva La Juicy fragrance and Viva La Juicy Gold Couture is an updated version of this perfume. I’ve been a fan of the original scent for a while and couldn’t wait to try this one as well. I must say that I was very impressed with it. This luminous scent offers a bouquet of wild berries, gardenia, mandarin, honeysuckle and Sambac jasmine on a rich and sultry base of caramel, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. The first word that came to my mind was ‘glamor”.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture for Women is a wonderfully sweet and flirty scent that nevertheless has a creamy heart that makes the scent warm, sexy and welcoming. The use of berries provides a dark sweetness that is truly irresistable. Interestingly, the citrus notes give it the tiniest bit of sharpness that keeps it from becoming overly sweet. In fact, the makers of this perfume have managed to keep it from being cloying, which is a problem that many other ‘girly’ perfumes suffer from. This is indeed a very attractive and sexy perfume that steers clear from being sugary sweet.

I feel that this perfume can be used at any time of the day. However, it is the perfect one for a special evening out since its warm undertone gives it just the right note of sophistication. It has a come hither vibe that most men will not be able to resist. As a matter of fact, this perfume gets the wearer lots of complements. A woman who wears this perfume knows exactly what message she is sending!

I would have liked Viva La Juicy Gold Couture for Women to have a bit more staying power, but I guess one can’t have everything! The perfume has to be touched up every couple of hours or so. This lack of strength also means that the perfume is not overpowering; there is no chance that it will cause a headache. I did think that the perfume was a bit on the pricy side as well and this might put off many potential buyers. Even so, I would recommend this joyful and sexy fragrance for a young woman. This is also the right perfume to give a teenage girl because it will make her feel all grown up. Viva La Juicy Gold Couture for Women is definitely a good buy on many counts.