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Top 5 Best Summer Perfumes for Men

bvlgari-manBvlgari Man

When the collection of Bvlgari Man was launched in 2010, it packed a punch with users. Bvlgari Man is a white woody oriental fragrance, an elegant and sophisticated vision of Masculinity for an authetic man, profoundly charismatic and radiant. An original signature of great modernity. This one is for the confident men of today who are well groomed and ready to take on the world.



Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge

This fragrance brings in cocktail of fruit notes, including mango, and spicy ones like black pepper, thereby making this fragrance very singular in nature. Its other mixes include ginger and cardamom, which are very intense and powerful. This perfume is definitely for people who crave to be unique and refuse to be a part of the crowd.


chanelChanel Allure Homme Sport EAU Extreme

Adding to the well-known collection of Allure Homme, this extreme fragrance is enriched with mint, Sicilian mandarin and clary sage. Fragrance is provided by a fine dose of black pepper, cedar and sandalwood. The heady scents are combined together in alcoholic solution to bring out the rightfully named Allure. It is powerful, strong and yet airy which is for men who like to experiment. If you are on a romantic date, this fragrance will never fail you.

Burberry Brit for Men

Brit for men captures the image of relaxed elegance and effortless style. This fresh, oriental-woody fragrance blends juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and spicy hints of cedarwood to create a confident, sexy, masculine scent.


givenchy-gentlemenGivenchy Gentlemen Only for Men

Givenchy launches a new fragrance for men in 2013. Gentlemen Only is a modern homage to the classic fragrance of the house – Givenchy Gentlemen from 1974. This fragrance was once revolutionary amongst masculine fragrance introducing strong and intense woody notes instead of the traditional aromatic and citrusy ones. Gentlemen Only is intended to men of our times. it is designed around modern woody nuances.


Top 5 Best Summer Perfumes for Women


Miss Dior

Miss Dior – it is very complex, sweet and summery, but not overbearing. I’m sure you’ll going to love this one, because you will end up with a soft fruity vibe that is captivating. If you’re looking for something youthful, nice and fruity scent, then Miss Dior Cherie is perfect for you.



Chanel Chance

The second perfume on my top 5 best summer perfumes list is the famous Chanel Chance. This is one of the best selling perfumes in the world. It’s a true classic, you can’t go wrong with a perfume like this, so if you’re looking for the perfect classic perfume to buy, you’ve got to try Chanel Chance.



J’adore Dior

J’adore this perfume! It is a glamorous fragrance, which is very popular. This one is perfect for an elegant, delicate and feminine woman. Ladies, what do you wear to drive your man insane? If you’ve been looking for a seductive perfume, then try this J’adore Dior.



Flora by Gucci

This is a sophisticated floral fragrance and I love it because the perfume is gorgeous and beautifully fresh with its floral notes. Perfect for this summertime!




Loverdose Diesel

This perfume was made to ignite passion like never before. If you’re a girl that wants something unique and spicy, then I’m sure you already love this one! I don’t recommend it you’re looking for something light, because this one is quite heavy!

Beyoncé Midnight Heat Perfume Review

beyonceFor Beyoncé, fragrance is an essential accessory to highlight your inner radiance, confidence, sex appeal. Midnight Heat is the ultimate evening scent, enticing with just a hint of mystery.

Beyoncé Midnight Heat is a sexy, timeless fragrance that leaves mystify impression. The seductive scent combines the sensual side of Beyoncé with a blend of Dragonfruit  and Armenian Plum.

The fruity floral gourmand opens with juicy top notes of Dragonfruit and Armenian Plum. The heart with a floral bouquet built upon the Purple Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony. Finally, the base seduces the senses with Amber and Sandalwood.

Top Notes:
The fruity floral gourmand opens with juicy top notes of Dragonfruit and Armenian Plum.

Heart Notes:
The heart is a vivid floral bouquet built upon the Purple Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony.

Base Notes:
The base seduces the senses with Warm Amber and Sandalwood.

Midnight Heat is sweet, sultry.  It smells sweet.  It gives off a sultry and sexy feeling when wearing it.  Wear this on a special date or any day!  Midnight Heat can be worn with any outfit.  Depending on your mood, this will add a little confidence to your attitude.

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