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Does The Packaging Of A Perfume Bottle Matter?

When asked, people said the first factor they consider when choosing perfumes is their fragrance preference. When asked to reconsider if it was the only factor that influenced their choice, they only added “brand” and “designer”. What about packaging? Does it not impact your choice of a perfume? And, if not, then why do designers spend countless hours working on fancy bottles with intricate details?

The question dawned on me after possessing two such gorgeous perfume bottles – a miniature, crystal Eiffel Tower and another a gramophone. Somehow, I could not throw away those bottles like I usually do when they get empty. I also realized that the artistic bottle design was one reason why I chose them from among a line of other fragrances at the mall counter.

Packaging is of great importance to a perfume bottle. It may be secondary, but the design and color of the container has a say in our selection. Something that is different than the usual things around us catches our eye immediately. If given a choice between a cute pot-shaped container with a plastic rose-stopper and a stone-studded charm around its neck and an ordinary rectangular container with golden trimming and emboss work, you will ask to be shown the former first. Companies work with top-class designers to create perfume bottles that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. In doing so, they sell a visual image of the fragrance.

Perfume packaging also differs based on the audience they cater too. Men’s fragrances are bottled in containers with strict lines (typically square or rectangle) and darker colors such as black, metallic grey, blue and crystal clear. Fragrances for women are packed in artistically designed containers. The colors are bright and feminine including shades of blue, purple, pink and red. They are further embellished with stones, charms and ribbon tie-ups. Not only this, they experiment with the design of the bottle and the stopper. Designs include geometrical figures, replicas of real objects and abstract shapes.

Perfume packaging is not only about a dainty and cute design. It also includes materials used to make containers and bottles. Glass is a preferred option. There are two reasons for it. The first is its luxurious look and the second is its ability to preserve the potency of perfume better. Air, heat and light are the three factors that degrade the quality of perfume. It changes its color and smell. Glass containers especially opaque ones protect scents from air, heat and light. Its fragile nature is the only drawback; they have to be handled with care. A few perfume manufacturers use plastic to make the container to promote ease of handling. However, they are weak and the liquids diffuse easily from them. Porcelain, enamel and silver are other materials used.

Perfume bottles also influence the price of the product. The artwork and construction material used determine the price. Many individuals have a hobby of collecting antique perfumes bottles. They hunt garage sales and perfume stores. A few collect perfume bottles and sell it further for a higher price.

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How To Test Perfume

Standing at a counter it is difficult to tell what perfume exactly smells like. The fragrances are layered in the form of top notes, middle notes and base notes. They are released gradually in stages. Hence, you notice that the sample of perfume sprayed on your wrist at the mall counter smells quiet different by the time you reach home.

Dabbing a few drops of liquid on your wrist and rubbing the two together is the most commonly used method to test perfume. However, many beauty experts advise against doing this as it “crushes the molecules”. What do we mean by crushing the molecules?

Body temperature determines how a particular perfume will smell on us. Like already mentioned above, it is a blend of essential oils. It includes fruity, floral, woodsy, green and musky notes. The top notes are the strongest and are sensed immediately on use. They evaporate following which the less-volatile middle and base notes appear. The base notes linger the longest. Heat determines how fast the top notes will evaporate. It evaporates faster on warm skin. When we rub our wrists together, the skin becomes hot. Thus, the rise in temperature affects the way the fragrance develops.

So, does this mean you should not test a perfume on your wrist? You can test it on your wrist, but there is a particular technique of doing it. The next time you go shopping for perfumes, here’s how to test and choose the best options for you.

The first step includes knowing your favorite fragrances – the smells you like. Women have an inclination to sweet-smelling fruity and floral notes while men prefer earthy and grassy notes. Oriental scents are popular with men and women.  Scent preferences need not to be gender-specific. At the cosmetics counter, at a department or beauty store request the assistance of a sales associate.  The sales associate there will offer suggestions based on your perfume preferences.

The sales associate will offer you a testing strip. Spray a small amount of perfume on it. Let the testing strip stand for a few seconds and smell it. Test two or three perfumes the same way. It is advised that you do not test more than three on the same day. You can always come back to test more before you make our final pick. If you insist on testing many, use a few coffee beans after every perfume trial.  It takes away the scent of the previous one.

Fashion magazines are another place to test perfume before you pay for them. Popular fashion magazines include tiny sample strips in their editions. You can smell to determine what a fragrance smells like.

Coming to the wrist testing method, the wrist should be clean and free of fragrant lotions. Spray a bit of perfume on your wrist. Gently place your other wrist on top of it for a few seconds and lift it up; do not rub. Allow it to dry and smell your hand. This is the top note of the perfume. It will last for a few seconds and then evaporate. Smell your wrist again after half-an-hour. You will observe the scent is different. This is the middle note.  Smell the hand again after three or four hours to get the base note of the perfume. If you like the way the perfume has developed, you can purchase it on your next trip to the mall.

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The 7 Best Summer Fragrances For Women

Each season in recognized by a different set of fragrances. Excessively sweet and overpowering perfumes clash with the warm and sticky weather of summer. Fresh and light scents are the perfect choice. This means fresh greens, floral, citrus and woodsy tones. Here is a list of the 7 best summer fragrances for women.

1.      Burberry Summer:

Burberry Summer with its fresh and energetic fragrance suits a natural and outdoorsy woman best. The top notes of mandarin, pomegranate and green leaf give it a zesty twist while the base notes of sandalwood, cedar woods and white musk bring forth memories of a walk in the English countryside on an early summer morning. Further, middle notes of rose and lily of the valley lend a sweet smell.

2.      “See” by Chloe

Packed in a neat red box, “See” by Chloe is a luxurious floral fruity fragrance for women of all ages. It suits younger women because of its crisp, sweet and energetic feel. Top notes of apple blossom and bergamot, floral middle notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine and base notes of musk, sandalwood and soft vanilla make this perfume addictive and irresistible.

3.      Prada Candy

Before you fall in love with the fragrance, you will love its artistic bottle design. The bottle has bright gold and shocking pink to symbolize a full of life, bold and sensual woman. The potion is a mix of white musk, vanilla, benzoin and caramel.

 4.      Armani Code Summer for Women by Giorgio Armani

This sensual fragrance by Giorgio Armani is enriched with orange blossoms, white woods, vanilla, musk, jasmine, bitter orange, green neroli, ginger, pear sorbet and musk. It packs the freshness of the Mediterranean air and the brightness of the Italian sun in a gorgeous slender bottle.

 5.      Lanvin “Me”

Lanvin “ME” is dedicated to women.  This floral, fruity, woodsy perfume indulges your senses. This is the best summer scent for a confident woman with a unique personality. Top notes of blueberry mandarin orange complement the licorice, tuberose and rose middle notes and base notes of sandalwood. The base note of sandalwood gives it a sensual tone. Speaking about the bottle, it has a sophisticated rectangular shape. A glitzy charm hangs from its neck.

6.      Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Lancome La Vie Est Belle is the perfect choice when it comes to summery fragrances for women. This floral number is a combination of orange blossoms, jasmine, iris, Tonka bean, black currant, pear, patchouli and vanilla.

7.      Nina by Nina Ricci

“Nina” by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette Perfume Spray is infused with fruity and floral notes such as red toffee apple, vanilla infusion, peony petals, moonflower, Calabrese lemon, caipirinha lime, and apple tree wood and cotton musk. The fragrance is light. It is sweet but fresh. Another advantage is it is strong enough to last the entire day.

You will agree when it say it’s impossible to go without perfume in summer. So, go shopping today to buy a perfume that matches the season.

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