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How to Calculate How Much Perfume Is Left in Opaque Bottles

A perfume bottle in an inky shade of purple or black looks stylish and beautiful, but it can make it difficult to gauge how much perfume is left inside. Having an idea of how much perfume is left makes it easier to know when to restock. Also, if planning to swap or sell a perfume, it is necessary to know how much fragrance is left in the bottle. Here are several options to gauge the amount of perfume left in the bottle:

Bright Light

One of the most-effective methods to gauge the perfume content is to shine a bright light through the bottle. Ideally, the perfume bottle should be kept and stored away from direct sunlight. But there is one exception to this rule and that includes attempting to see how much liquid is left in the bottom.

Hold the bottle of perfume in front of a window that enjoys bright sunlight during the day. Even the opaque bottles can give some sort of clue about the volume of perfume left. It is often possible to see a line to indicate the space and where the liquid starts.

If you do not have enough natural sunlight to attempt this test, it is possible to use a very bright light bulb (60 or 100W). This should again let you get a glimpse of the line to show the amount of perfume left at the bottom of the bottle.

Sink In Water

Another option is to immerse the perfume bottle in water. Though this isn’t a practical method for vintage bottles with a paper label since this can cause damage to the label when it starts to dry. In this method, it is a simple process of relying on physics. By immersing the perfume bottle in a suitably sized jug or vase it is possible to produce a substitution of the water’s volume with the bottle’s volume. This is achieved by placing the perfume bottle in the water and letting it float to the surface. It will float to a height where it is still full. This can give a very clear idea of how much perfume is left in the bottle.

All in all, by following the light or water method, it should be possible to get a more accurate sign of the amount of perfume left remaining in the opaque or dark bottles. Shaking the bottle is another option to see if any liquid remains, but this isn’t a very accurate method.

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How to Open a Stuck Perfume Bottle

An expensive or vintage perfume can come with a stylish glass bottle and stopper. But the glass stopper can get stuck and stubborn to remove if the perfume hasn’t been used in a while. The stopper can stick in place for several reasons. This can relate to the stopper expanding or a glue-like seal forming between the bottleneck and stopper. It is possible to avoid these issues by lifting the stopper every so often and making sure to wipe up any excess perfume.

Here are several non-destructive methods to manage the stuck stoppers:

Modern Splash Bottle

If you have a modern splash bottle with a stopper or cap it often helps to use a towel, rubber band or similar item to help get a better grip. This can magnify your strength and make it easier to twist or pull the stopper. If that doesn’t loosen the stopper, hold the perfume bottle under a hot water tap for 30 to 60 seconds. The change in temperature should help to create convulsion and make it easier to twist the cap.

Another option is to place the perfume bottle in the refrigerator and leave it to cool for about 15 to 25 minutes. This again relies on the difference in temperature to help loosen the lid. A further method includes using the microwave oven. Place a damp kitchen towel in the microwave and heat for 5 seconds. Wrap that around the stopper and leave in place for a couple of seconds. Now twist gently to open the bottle.

Vintage Bottle

With a vintage bottle it is necessary to be more careful. A precious or valuable perfume bottle shouldn’t be exposed to water or cold since this can smudge the original paper label or damage the brittle glass. A preferred option to sort the issues with old splash bottles with a stopper is using pure-grade alcohol (90 percent plus proof). Soak a piece of cotton wool and place it on the neck of the stopper. Squeeze the cotton wool to release one or two drops of the alcohol. The alcohol should start to dissolve the buildup of residue within 4 or 5 minutes. The twister should now be easy to remove.

By using the proper methods it is certainly possible to remove the stuck stopper without causing any damage to the bottle. Always make sure to avoid excessive pulling or twisting of the stopper as this can quite easily caused permanent damage to the bottle.

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How to Source the Discontinued Perfumes

Having a favorite perfume discontinued is certain to be quite annoying and frustrating, especially if it is a signature fragrance. Even if a perfume is facing extinction, there are still several options to delay the inevitable of having to find a replacement scent. Here are several options to find the perfumes facing imminent discontinuation:

Take immediate action

A perfume marked for discontinuation is certain to mean it will no longer be available on the shelves of the bricks and motor stores. But in many instances, a perfume range can continue to appear online. Act fast and build up a stockpile of a fragrance while it is still quite easy to get online. Depending on the popularity of a perfume, an online retailer may still offer it for several months or even years after it has been removed from the local retailers.

Perfume must be stored the correct way to keep its original integrity, scent and color. Perfume is best kept in a dark and cool cupboard or even in the refrigerator. Poorly stored perfume can experience changes to the smell and color. For this reason, it is crucial the stockpile of perfume is safely store away so that it is usable when required in the future.

Contact the perfume company

Make contact with the perfume company’s customer service team to see if they are able to give advice or information on the discontinued perfume. They may be able to let you known of any retailers that are still carrying the extinct fragrance lines.

Duty Free

A duty-free shop may still offer many fragrances that are no long available elsewhere. A regular traveler may find it possible to source a favorite perfume overseas, even if it isn’t available in the home country. However, if you do look to shop overseas, you may detect a slight variation in the scent. Perfume formulas vary slightly from country to country. This is due to restrictions on certain chemical contained in the fragrance. It may benefit to test the overseas version of the scent to make sure it isn’t too different.

Search a similar scent

You might want to start searching for a similar scent if the discontinued fragrance becomes extremely difficult or expensive to source. Try to match the notes contained in the favorite perfume with a suitable substitute. Searching online often makes it possible to learn about the notes of virtually any perfume. This may make it possible to match up the top notes to discover a very close alternative.

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