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How to Pick the Best Perfume for your Loved Ones?

People are often associated with a specific smell or fragrance. Choosing a perfume is tricky and it should be done with care. The fragrance should reflect the personality of the person. Perfumes are personal choices and gifting perfumes can be a tough task. The aroma enhances the mood and makes one feel good and happy. Gifting a perfect perfume for your loved one will always keep you in their memory.

The personality of the person and their preferences in smells and taste should be known in order to buy the right perfume for them. The fragrances are categorized into four types of family. This can be used to determine which perfume will suit best with respect to the type of the person. Fresh category is for perfumes which smell like spring or which has a citrus smell. A person who loves outdoors would prefer this aroma which has airy notes. Floral fragrances are the most common perfume which women prefer. There are many floral scents from rose petals to floral bouquets available. Floral perfumes can either be powdery in smell or it can smell sweet. Oriental fragrances are chosen for people who are sensual and for those who wear a little heavier perfume. They are generally rich and exotic like amber and vanilla. People who love mild masculine aromas can be gifted from the woods fragrance group. Sandalwood, pine and other moss notes fall under this category of perfumes.

Perfume shops categorize the fragrance according to the personality types which makes it easier for people who gift them to others. Sporty people would love to try citrus fragrance, as they are invigorating and blends with the outdoors. Herbacious perfumes are also preferred by them. The elegant people prefer floral aroma along with a hint of oriental fragrance. Bold fragrances like orange vanilla last longer throughout the night. A girl next door type prefers something shy yet sexy like fresh clean fragrances. Woody fragrances are used to bring out the sexy appeal of a woman.

Talking to the expert in the perfume shops can give a better idea on which fragrance to choose for your loved one. The fragrant expert can guide in the right direction with the selection of the fragrance with respect to the personality types. Spraying on the skin to test the perfume will bring out the true fragrance of it. However, the perfume may tend to have different smell on different people.

Gifting perfumes is a make or break situation. It can be done with ease if there are a variety of choices to choose from. Perfumes in Dubai are available in stores and online in order to browse through all the fragrances that are manufactured.

Perfume Oils – Are they Popular?

Perfume oils are the commercial version of essential oils. These oils were originally used as gifts to the royalty way back during the ancient Egypt period. They are used instead of sprays as they last longer and give a more soft fragrance than the perfume spray. The oils have become more popular in the recent years and have made their way to all parts of the world. They are diluted versions of essential oils and it is done to make it less potent. Some of the most popular perfume oils that are manufactured are Neroli Oil, Bergamot Oil, Rose Petal Oil, Jasmine Oil, Vetiver Oil, Citrus Oil, Lavender Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Coriander Oil and Frankincense Oil.

There are many benefits in using perfume oils.

  • The perfume sprays generally contain alcohol along with the fragrance oil. The presence of alcohol makes it difficult for people who have sensitive skin to use it. This is where perfume oils are used, as they do not contain alcohol and they have a milder scent which can help allergic people.
  • Perfume oils are generally absorbed by the pores on the skin and it is locked inside, prolonging the smell of the perfume. Perfumes that are sprayed on the skin evaporated as the alcohol dries and it can be easily washed away in sweat.
  • Perfume sprays are generally branded and are very expensive. 500 ml of perfume spray may contain only 250ml of the actual fragrance oil while the rest is filled up with alcohol and air. This can be avoided in perfume oils, as the bottle contains only the oil and a dab of the oil can last much longer than the sprays.
  • Shipping perfume oils to different locations and across the countries is much easier than shipping perfume sprays, as the latter can be charged with legal issues due to the presence of alcohol in it.
  • Perfume oils are easy to buy, as they are available in all the retail stores which sell perfume sprays. It can be purchased from the cosmetic counters at the shopping malls as well.
  • They are more sensuous and rich than the fragrance sprays, as they do not contain any additives.
  • Alcohol in the sprays make the skin dry while perfume oils conditions the skin by moisturizing and makes it healthy.

Perfume oils can not only be used on the body for its fragrance, but it can also be used in scented soaps and candles and in bath oils and air fresheners.

What to do when Perfume Turns Out to be a Nuisance at times?

Perfume is an everyday accessory for women all over the world. They are used for daily purposes or for special occasions like weddings and romantic events. A small amount of perfume is enough to accentuate the look of a person. It is a pleasure for people who use the perfume, but it becomes a nuisance to others in the case of over application. People should figure out when it is enough while spraying perfume on them. A small difference in the amount used can make the pleasant smelling perfume to become an overpowering odor.

To avoid overusing the perfume, people should spray it only at the key points of the body. Spraying them on the body is much better than over dosing them on the clothes. The offenders are generally not aware that they over use the fragrance. Gauging the reactions of the other people can be the best way for a person to figure out if the smell is too strong or pleasant. When people around lean back or move away then it means that the perfume has been overused. There can be direct or indirect verbal indications which can show whether the amount perfume used is right or not.

Using perfume in the right amounts is not only for common courtesy, but it is also necessary for certain health issues. People who are diagnosed with allergic rhinitis suffer, when they breathe in strong perfumes. There are few ways to avoid the excess use of perfume.

  • Use either a deodorant or a perfume but not both at the same time, as the fragrances can mix up and cause stench.
  • Spray on both the wrists once where the pulse beats. With every beat of the pulse, a whiff of the perfume can be smelt.
  • When wrists are not a preferable point, spraying behind the ears and on the chest once will give enough fragrance.
  • Think of yourself from another person’s point of view and take a whiff of the air around you. Heavy amounts can cause serious illness to allergic people around you.
  • It is in your good interest to not assume whether a person is allergic or not. It is safer to wear less perfume than to overdose it and cause problems for others.
  • Dose with less perfume when the situation involves closed areas with many people in it like inside a car or inside the elevator.
  • It is better to spray perfume in open places where the excess smell can be aired out.

Wearing the right amount of perfume can uplift your mood and make it pleasant for people around you. Cheap yet exotic Arabian perfumes in Dubai are available to keep you fresh and free from sweaty odors.