Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Perfume for Women

chopard-enchantedEnchanted Golden Absolute by Chopard is a Oriental Floral Perfume for women. This is a new perfume. Enchanted Golden Absolute was launched in 2013. Top notes are jasmine and plum, middle notes are patchouli and ylang, base note is guaiac wood.

Through the primary Enchanted perfume, Chopard painted the first traces of a wonderful adventure. The concept of the perfume was strangely mischievous in a fun approach, with the principle determination from dazzling and fascinating diamonds in the evening that captivate us with their splendor similar to the stars that twinkle in the darkness of the night with their enigmatic secret fascinating our minds.

With Enchanted, Chopard wrote the first lines of a fantastic fairy tale. Now comes the second chapter with Golden Absolute, a magical, heady aroma of white flowers and woody notes distilling its magic power with every step for a woman extremely hard to forget. From its opening notes of envigorating jasmine, this powerful fragrance gives way to succulent plum, hypnotic ylang, powerful patchouli and fine Gaiac wood for utter enchantment.

Today arrives, the new chapter, with Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute perfume, a wonderful, heady basket of white blossoms and woody notes presenting its miraculous strength with each phase to a lady in a way she will never overlook. Through its starting notes of invigorating jasmine, this outstanding aroma then presents delicious plum, hypnotic ylang, powerful patchouli and fantastic Guaiac wood for complete fascination.

Enchanted Golden Absolute by Chopard is available in 75ml Eau de Parfum editions.

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