Burberry My Burberry for the Contemporary Earthy Women with a hint of Sensuality

burberry-my-burberry-for-women-90-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-burberryBurberry My Burberry for Women 90 ML Eau de Parfum was released in the year 2014 with a bold floral fragrance. Inspired by the trench coat of Burberry and the British heritage, the perfume captures the scent of a garden after the rain in London. It is a very contemporary fragrance which has a hint of delicate rose combined with an unexpected whiff of geranium leaf. This perfume was created to take make its way to the top 10 luxurious beauty products. It was announced to be a unique edition in the fragrance collection of Burberry. Interestingly, English models Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss presented the fragrance during its release in order to emphasize the British style of the perfume.

My Burberry shows that the brand Burberry used special creativity skills while composing the fragrance. The opening top notes of the perfume are mainly composed of sweet peas and citrus. The middle tones add an unexpected hint of geranium leaf along with freesia and golden quince. The top notes and the middle notes are rounded up with a base note composed of patchouli and rose. This clever composition of the fragrance was brought about by Francis Kurkdjian.

The fragrance is very convenient and contemporary, according to the reviewers. The vibrancy of the London city along with the touch of garden scent makes this perfume perfect for people who like the British style of living. The art of gardening is an important part in every Englishman’s life. Women who love natural flowery fragrance will prefer My Burberry, as it has a lush wetness scent that captures the earthiness and floweriness after a fresh rain. The rose and the freesia tones brighten the fragrance and add a little spice to the fruity floral scent that the sweet peas emit. Geranium leaves bring a vibrant and minty fragrance to the perfume.

When I first tried the perfume, the opening note was more like linen and bergamot in fragrance and as the time went by, a very British fruity floral fragrance was retained. I would wear this long lasting perfume during the day time. The bottle of My Burberry is honey beige with a ribbon on its neck which is made from the Burberry trench coat fabric. The unique fragrance and the design of the bottle definitely got thumbs up from me and I would recommend this perfume to women for daily wear.

This rain tipped contemporary perfume brings out the urbanity of women whilst maintaining a very sensual feminine side!

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