Burberry Summer Perfume for Men & Women Review


Burberry Summer 2013

For the summer of 2013, Burberry launched a limited edition of its 1995 fragrance, Burberry Summer Perfume for men and women. They are interlaced with the past and the modernity of recent times. The bright neon colors are the inspiration from their fashion collection of 2013. For the perfume collectors, this is the best occasion to get an antique perfume.

Burberry Summer Perfume for Men.
The top notes are based on yuzu leaves, mint, mandarin oranges and juniper berries. The middle notes are thyme, driftwood, gorse flowers while the base is musk, cedar, amber and amyris wood. The result is a combination of a refreshing scent that clings to the wearer and attracts ladies. It exudes energy and style. Giving longevity, the Burberry Summer Perfume for men comes in 100ml bottles.

Burberry Summer Perfume for Women.
Composed of citrusy fragrance and pomegranate touch, the perfume brings to mind an array of exotic silkiness that is blended perfectly with flowery smells of lily of the valley and rose. The base note is of woods. There is also a hint of mint, currant and honeysuckle to the overall softly fragrance. Burberry Summer Perfume for women delights the senses with images of velvety gardens and forest shades. The longevity is good. It is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles that are just right for you.

If you are among those who have to possess limited collections then The Burberry Summer fragrance is a guaranteed for you; it will leave an everlasting impression for sure.

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