Chloe Love Story for Women 100 ML Eau De Parfum

chloe-love-story-for-women-100-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-chloeChloe Love Story – An Exquisite Scent Inspired By the City Of Love

Chloe Love Story for Women 100 ML Eau De Parfum is a brand new fragrance from Chloe. Inspired by Paris, the City of Love, this is indeed an exquisite perfume that can make a woman feel beautiful and desirable. Interestingly, the fragrance comes in a bottle that resembles a padlock, referencing the ones affixed by lovers from all over the world on the Pont des Arts, the famous pedestrian bridge in Paris.

Love Story is a very feminine perfume and its combination of flowery and fruity fragrances is absolutely seductive and lovely. This perfume comprises of fragrant enroll, orange blossom and cape gooseberry along with Stephanotis (Madagascar jasmine), petit grain and cedar wood. The combination of fragrances is very fresh yet sensual. As a matter of fact, the metallic and honeyed scents of neroli (bitter orange), along with orange blossom water give the scent a very unique signature. The beautiful floral notes keep the scent from being cloying. This is also a very passionate and vibrant perfume, making it perfectly suited for a woman who is young. It goes without saying that this perfume is not particularly appropriate for mature women who might consider it a bit too bright and flighty.

There has been quite a positive response to Chloe Love Story from many reviewers which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has used this fragrance. Women these days want to wear perfumes that aren’t just pretty but are sensuous as well. What makes Love Story a memorable perfume is the fact that it conveys a feeling of sexiness and happiness in a perfectly natural and unformed manner. This makes Love Story a scent that any modern young woman would love to wear.

My first response on trying out this perfume that it was too light even though it was without a doubt lovely on my skin. I was, therefore, quite pleased to find out that the scent develops over time and gradually became stronger. Also, it reacted very well to my natural scent and the overall effect was beautiful without being overwhelming. I must say that each of the floral notes of the perfume is beautiful in itself. I am definitely going to keep this perfume for when I’m going out with a special someone on a summer day. Even if I can’t be in Paris, I could wear this perfume and rock a Parisian vibe! I would also recommend this perfume to anyone who is looking for a wedding perfume.

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