Chopard Oud Malaki for Men – Oriental Magic For Men

chopard-oud-malaki-for-men-80-ml-eau-de-parfum-by-chopardThere are plenty of Oud perfumes out there but I’m always eager to check out new ones. Chopard Oud Malaki for Men is one of the more interesting perfumes in this category because it has many layers over what is essentially an Oriental base. I’ve always felt that Oud by itself has a scent that is a bit difficult to like but this element becomes truly fascinating when it is blended with other scents. This Chopard perfume will appeal to many people, especially in the Middle East and Asia, because it is resolutely male.

Chopard Oud Malaki for Men has the perfect blend of scents that make it sexy and seductive. The animalistic aura of Oud is balanced with leather, ambergris and exotic spices along with a bouquet of sweet flower scents. This is without doubt an Oriental perfume and it is wonderfully enigmatic and dark. However, notes from lavender and artemesia give it a contemporary touch and prevent it from becoming overblown. The scent also has a wonderful hit of grapefruit that provide a herbaceous and bitter note that complements that of artemesia and lavender. This sharpness ensures that the perfume has personality.

I love the fact that Oud Malaki is a rich and smooth scent. Some people have told me that this perfume is a bit too intense but I don’t feel that way. In fact, I consider this to be a very sophisticated scent that a mature man can wear with confidence. It might be a tad overpowering for the workplace, but this can easily be avoided by wearing it an hour or so ahead of going to work. In any case, it lasts for quite some time on the skin without changing its smell very much. In my opinion, Oud Malaki is so regal and sexy that it is best reserved for romantic evenings.

A person who doesn’t like Oud very much might not react favorably to this perfume. In fact, the perfume might actually seem a bit harsh to this person. Even so, this perfume is quite different from most other Oud perfumes in that it is fairly modern with no particular note taking center stage; in short, the perfume is a very smooth and beautiful blend that will appeal to even the most discerning people. I do feel that Chopard has hit the ball out of the park with this wonderful and sensuous perfume.

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