Describing Scent In Writing – 9 Fragrances You Should Know About

Out on the market to buy a perfume that complements your personality and style?

Before you make a purchase you need to know what the labels stand for. Perfumes are classified based on the sensation they evoke in the wearer. Listed below are 9 fragrance families.

1. Floral:

Floral perfumes are the most popular and the largest perfume category. Floral perfumes are made from flower extracts. It is subdivided into single notes (soliflore) and floral bouquets. This former uses the fragrance of a single flower such as jasmine, lavender, orange blossom, gardenia, carnation or rose while a bouquet is a blend of different varieties. Floral perfumes are sweet-smelling, romantic and feminine. Lancome Tresor and Diorissimo by Dior are two recommendations.

2. Fougeres:

Fougere is the French word for “Fern”. The potion includes hints of fresh herbs, oak moss, moss ferns, coumarin and tree moss. The blend gives it a sharp, pungent and earthy smell and hence is popular pick with men. If you are looking for Fougere fragrances, you might want to try the Givenchy’s Xeryus.

3. Oriental:

Also called “ambery” fragrances, they are warm and sensual. Oriental perfumes are a heady blend of spices such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and woody undertones such as sandalwood and musk. It has hints of vanilla too. Many oriental perfumes include floral and fruity notes. When blended with flowers, they are called Florientals. These exotic and luxurious scents complement the chilly weather in winter. Examples are Dior Addict by Dior, Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Flower by Kenzo, Guerlain’s Shalimar Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Givenchy Organza and Versace Crystal Noir.

4. Chypres:

Chypre in English means “Cyprus”. This family of fragrances is known for its characteristic woody-mossy-fruity mix enriched with notes of citrus, oak moss, bergamot, labdanum and patchouli. Earlier, Chypre perfumes were created only for men. However, modern versions cater to both the genders. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is an intimate fragrance in the class of Chypres.

5. Citrus:

Citrus perfumes are made from the oils extracted from the skins of citrus fruits namely lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot and tangerine. Citrus fragrances are mild and fresh-smelling. They are identified by their sharp, tangy aroma. Try Clinique Happy, Be Delicious Donna Karan and Cartier Eau de Cartier for Women if you’re looking for citrus perfumes.

6. Green:

If you want to sense the smell of this family of fragrances, you can think about the smell of freshly cut leaves or newly-mown grass. The smell is sharp and dense. They contain green notes of juniper leaves, grass and aromatic components such as lavender, wood and rosemary. Greens are designed for men and women. The list of green perfumes include Ralph Lauren Safari and Escada Magnetism,

7. Oceanic:

Oceanic scents are one of the latest additions to the range of perfume smells. These potions evoke natural scents such as that of salty air, clean linen, mountain air or the smell on a sandy beach. They are usually made of synthetic substances. A few of them include citrus notes and hints of spice. Oceanic fragrances are reserved for men. You can try Christian Dior Dune and Davidoff Cool Water Woman in this category.

8. Woody:

Woody scents bring to mind the dark and deep forests. The edgy pine and cedar and sensual sandalwood essence lends a musky, earthy smell. It is strong and classic. And, do we have to mention which gender this scent caters to? If you love woody scents, bet your money on Yves Saint Lauren Elle Intense, Ralph Lauren Romance for Men and Estee Lauder Amber Mystique.

9. Fruity:

Like the first in the list, the name says it all. These are fresh, sweet-smelling mellow perfumes. The pleasant smell of freshly plucked fruit, those of apple, mango, peach and berry, tease the nose. Apply sparingly to keep it from being overwhelming. Check out Be Delicious by DKNY, Apple Splash by Marc Jacobs, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, L’elixir Eau De Parfum for Women by Nina Ricci and Bright Crystal by Versace.

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