Perfume buying tips!


  • Don’t buy a fragrance because your friend or relatives wears it, fragrances smell completely different on different people.
  • Spritz your perfume on the back of your neck for a long lasting scent, alternatively spray your favourite scarf with your signature perfume.
  • To make sure that your perfume lasts all day, use a body lotion in the same or complementing scent.
  • Always keep your perfume bottles out of sunlight, and avoid submitting them to extreme temperature.
  • Base notes fully release after thirty minutes of application, so don’t make snap decisions on a new perfume, it may smell completely different from first spritz.
  • Don’t judge a perfume on how it smells on a fragrance card, perfumes release notes as they warm on the skin, and you need to smell them on your skin, in order to fully appreciate the full scent.

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