Tips To Select The Best Perfume For You

We often regard clothes to be a reflection of one’s personality and taste in fashionable items. Perfume is another such luxury item that enables others to draw an estimate of your personality. So, here are tips to help you choose a signature scent.

Fragrance Notes

When it comes to selecting a perfume at the mall or online, you will often come across the word “notes” in the form of top notes, base notes and middle notes. A single note perfume contains a single scent. In case of a bouquet – a blend of varied scents, one fragrance dominates the others. The scents are kind of arranged in layers and released gradually.

The first scent detected by your nose is called the top note. It is strongest when you apply, but dissipates quickly. Middle notes are the most conspicuous and emerge once the top note becomes weaker. The base note is what lingers on. It is rich and can be sensed only 20-30 minutes after you have sprayed the perfume.

Understanding fragrance notes is an important criterion to choose the best perfume for you. You must have come across occasions when a perfume that smelled perfect at the beauty counter didn’t smell very appealing when you landed home. This is because it is layered. The top, middle and base notes will help you understand what to expect from a particular fragrance. Fragrances are usually described based on their top note as musky, spicy, fruity or floral.

Personal Preferences

Everyone has a personal preference. Some love the intimate fragrance of lilacs and mellow fruits. There are others that regard the floral and fruity scents too overpowering and prefer the smell of freshly cut grass, woody undertones and clean laundry. Choose a fragrance that you like; one that won’t make you sick.

Take Cues from Your Personality

There are 9 primary fragrances – Floral, Fruity, Oriental, Green, Chypres, Citrus, Oceanic, Woody and Fougeres. Floral scents complement women who are optimistic, spontaneous and active. Orientals are the best choice for young women with an introvert and reserved nature. You can wear Chypres if you are an individual who loves to socialize. Spontaneous, lively, energetic and outgoing men and women often find citrus perfumes very appealing. Citrus options are also the perfect match for those who love simplicity and simply want to smell fresh and clean. Conveying a sporty attitude, Green perfumes are the best choice for those who love adventure and sport. It is for those who live a carefree life. Men can opt for woody scents owing to their masculine appeal. Wear a glamorous, captivating smell if you want to capture attention.

The Occasion

The occasion also dictates your choice of a perfume. Sweet-smelling floral scents can be worn to different occasions. The events include at a family wedding, at a church ceremony, an outing with friends or to a dinner date. It is inappropriate to wear a spicy or fruity fragrance to a job interview. It is best to stick with subtle scents such as citrus or oceanic perfume. Greens can be worn to outdoor events such as a game of golf, football, a campfire, a hike or a market stroll.

Ask for Suggestions

Ask your friends and family for suggestions based on your personal preferences. After you have purchased a perfume, ask for their opinions.

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