4 Effective Methods to Make Perfume Last

A common issue noticed with most perfumes is the inability to last the entire day. A beautiful aroma is noticed when applied first thing in the morning, but by mid-day the strength of the perfume can soon start to diminish or fade entirely. However, there are several things that can be done to make a gorgeous smell last longer. Here are 4 effective steps to make the scent last all day:

Use moisturizer

A simple and effective method to prolong the aroma of the perfume is by first applying a non-scented moisturizer to damp skin. This should take place when you are planning on applying the fragrance. Alternatively, if a scent comes in lotion form, this is certain to offer the better option for those with dry skin. A lotion based scent holds its smell for longer. This step may not be necessary for those with naturally oily skin, since the skin is certain to hold the perfume for longer.

Apply to pulse points

The best areas of the body to apply perfume for long-lasting effectiveness are the pulse points. This relates to the parts of the body where the heart rate is felt. The body is able to hold the smell of the fragrance due to the warmth of the blood. Common areas to apply the perfume include on the wrist, behind the ear, bottom of the throat, behind the knee and inside the elbow.

Don’t rub

Avoid rubbing the perfume when applying to the skin. Many people believe it helps to rub the fragrance into the skin to help with spreading and warming it. But isn’t an effective action if hoping to keep the gorgeous aroma for the long-term. Rubbing the fragrance has the negative impact of breaking down the molecules, which means the scent is lost to air.

Store it

A further step to maintain the effectiveness of the perfume is to store it in the proper fashion. Avoid storing perfume in areas of high humidity, light and heat. Long-term exposure to heat and light is certain to break down the compounds contained in the scent. This in time means the perfume is less fragrant. Also, avoid leaving the perfume in the bathroom due to the constant humidity and heat from the bath and shower.

All in all, by taking the necessary action to apply and store the perfume in the right way, it is possible to extend the period the scent is noticed throughout the day.

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