5 Tips for Storing Perfume

Any fragrance or perfume is certain to come with a shelf-life. Since perfume can be extremely expensive, it certainly helps to put in place the right practices for storing the bottles in the home. Degradation of perfume depends on a variety of factors, so taking the necessary action to store wisely should help with keeping a favorite fragrance smelling just like it should.

Here are 5 steps to take in storing the perfume -

Avoid temperature extremes – If wishing to retain the integrity of the fragrance, it certainly helps to store it in a location that isn’t likely to suffer temperature extremes. An ideal range is in the region of 55 to 60 degrees, which is generally slightly cooler than a comfortable room. It certainly helps to avoid storing the perfume bottles in areas that are likely to experience directly sunlight during the day.

Don’t use the bathroom – Even though it might be convenient to store the most used perfumes in the bathroom, it is rarely a good idea. A bathroom is often humid and hot, which can result in the break down of the molecules in the fragrance and promote the onset of bacteria.

Store in a dark area – Prolonged periods exposed to light causes the molecules in the fragrances to degrade overtime. A preferable location is likely to include those with minimal to no exposure to light.

Use opaque bottles – If planning on leaving the perfumes on display, it helps to transfer the liquid to an entirely opaque or frosted bottle. Clear bottles are more likely to let the natural light impact the ingredients of the fragrance.

Replace the top – Avoid leaving the top off the perfume bottle since those that are alcohol-based are certain to see a quick rate of evaporation. Bottles left open and exposed to the air are seen to dry up within a much shorter time-frame.

Knowing when a perfume starts to spoil

Depending on the quality, a perfume could noticeably go off, while others will simply start to fade and become less intense with time. Once a bottled perfume starts to develop a disagreeable smell, change its color, or thicken, it might be best to discard and replace with new.

In general a decent bottle of perfume will have a shelf life of three to five years past the date of production. A high-quality fragrance in an opaque or dark bottle is certain to offer the longer service. By following the right storage tips it is certainly possible to make sure the perfume retains its integrity and achieves the maximum shelf life.

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