5 Ways to Go Scent-Free After Spraying Too Much Perfume

A dab of perfume on the wrist or neck can smell very attractive, but more is not always the best policy. Spraying excess perfume is certain to be quite overbearing. Too much fragrance is not only undesirable when on a date or when you are at work, but also irritating for those with fragrance sensitivities or allergies. A low-cost fragrance is certain to fade fast, but the smell of the high-end perfumes can cling to the skin for many hours after first applying.

Prior to attempting to remove the perfume odor from the skin, it helps to rinse the scented areas of the body with warm water for about 1 minute. Below are several effective steps to help remove the unpleasant fragrance:


A common favorite to remove the undesired fragrance includes spirits like rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Either of these solutions is low-cost and effective. By dipping a cotton ball into one of these liquids, it is possible to wipe the skin clean of the perfume small in a matter of seconds.


Make a paste consisting of 50% warm water and 50% baking soda. Once a firm consistency is achieved, rub the paste into the skin and leave in place for a good 5 to 8 minutes. Now rinse away and the skin is left fragrance free.


A further simple remedy possible with the proper ingredients in the kitchen includes making a dressing. Combine equal parts of olive oil and white vinegar. Use cotton wool to dab the dressing on the skin and leave in place for 5 or so minutes. Now wash off with warm water and regular soap.

Sanitizer or Wipes

If planning on visiting a perfume store with the intention of trying several different perfumes, it certainly helps to travel with a pack of wipes to quickly and easily lift the unwanted smell from the skin.


If no other solutions are in the home, an alternative option includes using unflavored vodka. Soak a ball of cotton wall with vodka and rub the area of the skin with the perfume smell. Allow the vodka to stay in place for 2 or 3 minutes and then wipe away.

So if you are hoping to eliminate the more offending fragrances that don’t seem to fade by themselves, you will certainly find that using one of these remedies will quickly help to clean the skin and leave you fresh and fragrance free once more.

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