Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume

A bride’s perfume isn’t something that should be taken lightly. A carefully chosen fragrance is certain to help remember the special day. But choosing the perfect perfume can be challenging. One of the more effective ways to choose a perfume is to make sure it complements the theme of the wedding. For instance, if you are planning on a tropical beach wedding, a floral or fruity scent is certain to appeal. A fragrance search should help find the perfect scent that gives a lasting impression on the special day.

Here are several points to consider in process of choosing the perfect wedding day fragrance:

Matching the season – Make sure to match the season to the chosen perfume. A spring or summer bride is certain to appreciate the floral and citrus scents. These work better in the warm months. For a fall or winter wedding, a preferred scent is likely to include the woodsy and spicy fragrances.

Try samples – If looking at a new fragrance that has never been worn before, it certainly helps to invest in the small sample bottles. Department stores and online fragrance bars offer a great opportunity to try the unique and rare perfumes for one or two days. This lets a bride get a full appreciation of the perfume before buying a full size bottle.

Know the options – Besides traditional perfume, a bride has a variety of other options for creating the desired smell for the wedding day. If a softer effect is preferred, this is achievable with scented hair perfume or body lotion. Many of the top brands include a range of fresh hair mists.

Apply it right – For the long-lasting fragrance make sure to apply the perfume to the pulse points. This can include the inner wrist, behind the knees, behind the ear lobes and crook of the elbow. Also, avoid rubbing the perfume when it is being applied to the pulse points since this can weaken or crush the scent.

Increase the staying power – Increase the longevity of the fragrance by spraying a fine mist to the veil, the lining of the dress, and on the underwear. Also, take a compact size perfume bottle for touch up if required.

All in all, by investing the time and effort into searching for the right wedding day fragrance, it should be possible to create the lasting impression that leaves a happy and romantic feeling that is remembered for the long-term.

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