Classical Perfumes – Reasons to Die For it

Do you have a perfume collection built up of the latest scents? There are indeed many wonderful scents available to choose from these days. People also buy perfumes because of the film star or musician who are associated with them. However, there are many classic perfumes that you have probably overlooked in your desire to own and use all the popular fragrances. Classic scents are indeed quite different from the modern ones because the world of perfumery has come a very long way over the previous few decades.

One thing about the older and iconic perfumes is that they are extremely rich and complex. These perfumes get their richness from their bases which were in turn made of combinations of rich materials.  Most of these perfumes have an alluring scent that is immediately discernable to an aficionado. They are definitely warm scents, unlike the breezy scents preferred these days. The perfumers in old days used a lot of materials that had an animalistic aroma, honey and leather for instance, thereby ensuring that the end products were perfectly suited to women who are not afraid to express their sensuality and indeed, their sexuality.

Classic perfumes get a lot of their opulence from materials that are not commonly used these days. While modern perfumers do have access to many interesting compounds these days, perfumers of yore used costly products such as essential jasmine and rose from Grasse (instead of synthetic aromatics) as well as sandalwood from India. Many of these perfumes also leaned very heavily on musk to provide the requisite darkness and richness that is absent from many modern perfumes

Another interesting thing about vintage perfumes is their association with iconic women of yesteryears. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, will always be associated with another icon, Chanel No 5. Wearing timeless perfumes gives one the opportunity to dip into a world of beauty and stillness as a respite from the hurried world of today. These perfumes are certainly very glamorous and some of that glamour will rub off on you when you wear them.

Some of the best known scents were launched by Chanel, Jean Patou and Guerlain and they are still very popular with perfume lovers all over the world. In fact, these perfumes are still in production because of the high demand for them. They are indeed quite costly, but this does not seem to deter true perfume lovers from buying them.

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