Coffee Beans – How does it Neutralize Smells?

Coffee beans are generally used while testing the smells of the perfume and it is often compared to having sorbet between the different courses of lunch in order to cleanse the palate. While smelling the different fragrances for a prolonged period, olfactory fatigue occurs. The olfactory sense should be reset in order to regain the sensitivity to smell. Coffee beans are the perfect means to reset the olfactory sense. Every perfume stall has a bowl of coffee beans for the customers to take a sniff at them, when the nervous system is overloaded with all the perfume testing.

People often wonder why it is coffee beans and not anything else. The aroma of the coffee beans is dark, pungent and strong which helps in recalibrating the sense of smell by its jolting odor. It is a contrast to the pleasant smelling fragrances in the perfume shops. There is also a scientific reason in psychophysiology that people become temporarily insensitive to certain smells after sampling a series of perfumes.

Coffee beans play an important part while testing the perfumes. There are certain steps to follow while sampling the perfumes in order to choose the best perfume for you.

  • Take a look at all the shops in the mall and all the perfumes that are being sold. Look for the new and popular perfumes that are listed in the stores.
  • Move towards the shop which catches your eye and ask the person behind the counter about the perfume. Ask the details about the perfume as to how popular it is and what kind of fragrance it is categorized into.
  • Sample the perfume on a paper or card and then take a sniff of it. It is better to sample them on paper instead of spraying them directly on the skin.
  • Collect as many samples as you require from all the perfumes that you are interested in.
  • After trying out one fragrance, ask the representative for the bowl of coffee beans in order to cleanse the senses before testing the next one.
  • Keep a hold on the pieces of paper with the perfume, as you can try to smell them again after a few hours to get the right scent without being overwhelmed.

The smell of coffee beans not only resets the olfactory senses but it also increases the appetite significantly. The molecular structure of the coffee detaches the other aromas and attaches the odor of the coffee in the nasal passage. The shops that sell perfumes in Dubai malls have a bowl of coffee beans on their counter top for the customers.

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