How to Pick the Best Perfume for your Loved Ones?

People are often associated with a specific smell or fragrance. Choosing a perfume is tricky and it should be done with care. The fragrance should reflect the personality of the person. Perfumes are personal choices and gifting perfumes can be a tough task. The aroma enhances the mood and makes one feel good and happy. Gifting a perfect perfume for your loved one will always keep you in their memory.

The personality of the person and their preferences in smells and taste should be known in order to buy the right perfume for them. The fragrances are categorized into four types of family. This can be used to determine which perfume will suit best with respect to the type of the person. Fresh category is for perfumes which smell like spring or which has a citrus smell. A person who loves outdoors would prefer this aroma which has airy notes. Floral fragrances are the most common perfume which women prefer. There are many floral scents from rose petals to floral bouquets available. Floral perfumes can either be powdery in smell or it can smell sweet. Oriental fragrances are chosen for people who are sensual and for those who wear a little heavier perfume. They are generally rich and exotic like amber and vanilla. People who love mild masculine aromas can be gifted from the woods fragrance group. Sandalwood, pine and other moss notes fall under this category of perfumes.

Perfume shops categorize the fragrance according to the personality types which makes it easier for people who gift them to others. Sporty people would love to try citrus fragrance, as they are invigorating and blends with the outdoors. Herbacious perfumes are also preferred by them. The elegant people prefer floral aroma along with a hint of oriental fragrance. Bold fragrances like orange vanilla last longer throughout the night. A girl next door type prefers something shy yet sexy like fresh clean fragrances. Woody fragrances are used to bring out the sexy appeal of a woman.

Talking to the expert in the perfume shops can give a better idea on which fragrance to choose for your loved one. The fragrant expert can guide in the right direction with the selection of the fragrance with respect to the personality types. Spraying on the skin to test the perfume will bring out the true fragrance of it. However, the perfume may tend to have different smell on different people.

Gifting perfumes is a make or break situation. It can be done with ease if there are a variety of choices to choose from. Perfumes in Dubai are available in stores and online in order to browse through all the fragrances that are manufactured.

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