Jasmine Perfumes – Everything You Need To Know

The Jasmine is a humble looking flower that packs a big fragrance punch. Jasmines are grown in different parts of the world and they are greatly prized for their use in many popular fragrances. In fact, essential oils extracted from the jasmine flower are used in many Asian and Middle Eastern perfumes. There are many different varieties of this flower but Jasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum sambac are two of the most popular ones.

The essence of this flower is very costly indeed because it takes more than 8000 individual bloom to make just one gram of jasmine oil. As a result, very few perfumes actually use pure jasmine extract; instead they use laboratory formulated products that have the same fragrance. However, costlier brands use jasmine absolute instead of synthetic products.

The intense aroma of the Jasmine flower is a very unique one and it is greatly prized for its ability to make a perfume very dramatic. This is also a very sweet and sensuous aroma. Even so, it is rarely used by itself. This scent is certainly not delicate and it has a great deal of robustness and warmth.

It has to be admitted that the strength and sweetness of the creamy jasmine top notes can get a bit overbearing to a lot of people, especially if they are prone to getting headaches. There are a lot of perfumes that contain jasmine as the element that stands out very clearly, but they also contain many other notes in order to make the scent a harmonious whole. As a matter of fact, some of the best known perfumes in the world, namely iconic scents such as ‘Joy’ by Jean Patou and ‘Chanel No. 5’ contain very strong notes of jasmine, albeit in conjunction with other powerful ingredients.

Many perfumers have been successful at making a jasmine based scent attractive without being cloying. They do this by adding fresh notes such as citrus or apple. Many jasmine perfumes also contain spicy notes to make them more dramatic. When combined with sandalwood or musk, it can become very strong and dramatic. Perfumes that contain jasmine tend to last very long since this element is very strong. Therefore, one should avoid wearing it in large doses or else the overall effect will be ruined. Thankfully, the fact that there are so many jasmine based perfumes available to buy from ensures that one makes the best possible selection.

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