Knowing the Different Categories of Perfume

If you haven’t had much experience wearing perfume in the past, it can sometimes be quite difficult to choose a gorgeous fragrance the match the personality, occasion and lifestyle. Scents vary from something musky to floral or fruity. Making the decision on the right perfume relates to personal taste. Before being in a position to choose a signature perfume, it helps to have an idea of the wide-ranging categories that make up the different choices. Here are several of the most common choices:


The chypre is characterized by a woodsy, earth-like smell with a touch of citrus, moss and oak.


A floral perfume scent is certain to offer the most popular option. Floral includes the aroma of a single flower (lavender, garienia, rose, etc) or a several different varieties. This scent is romantic and feminine.


A scent like fougere (meaning fern in French) is a strong fragrance and more likely to feature in men’s cologne. A fougere scent includes hints of fresh herbs, moss and oak.


A green perfume is certain to leave the impression of crushed leaves, fresh-cut grass and similar cool, fresh smells. This type of fragrance is certain to bring to mind open spaces and the outdoors.


Oceanic perfume scents are based on elements related to the sea or being by the sea (salty air or beach). This type of scent is known for its almost-masculine, clean fragrance that comes with a hint of citrus and spice.


A sign of the oriental fragrance is the slightly spicy and rich smell with a hint of clove, cinnamon and vanilla. A perfume of this type is quite musky.


Woody scents are certain to remind of the forest. Its aroma is musky and earthy, and this can give smells like sandalwood, cedar and pine.

In order to get an idea of the perfumes you may enjoy, it helps to create a list of some favorite smells. Think about lilacs and campfires to freshly cut grass and clean laundry. Favorite smells are inspired by a range of everyday activities. By compiling a list of smells that are certain to mean something, it should be possible to select a fragrance that is able to match.

Personality can also help when it comes to choosing a scent that best represents your personality. If you love the outdoors and wear minimal make up, a clean and fresh scent is certain to be appreciated ahead of the musky and spicy aroma. A glamorous lifestyle is sure to benefit from the scent that complements the notice-me personality and is strong and lingers.

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