Matching Your Perfume to Your Personality

If you are having a difficult time deciding on the next perfume, you may want to consider looking at your personality. This is a great place to start when searching for new ideas or inspiration. A sweet-smelling fragrance can evoke personality traits, ideas, and memories similar to other areas of the beauty and fashion industry. Here are some of the fragrance families to match the personality:


An outdoors and active person is certain to appreciate the fresh scent that won’t clash with the day-to-day lifestyle and isn’t overpowering. A fresh fragrance is light, enticing, but still noticeable. These perfumes are likely to include the seawater, line, dew, grass, herb, mandarin and lemon notes. A practical perfume like this complements the lifestyle of those that spend minimal time getting ready in the mornings or spend much time on a manicure or hairstyle. A further benefit of using the natural or earthy scent is its ability to help health issues like headaches and insomnia.


A floral fragrance is preferred by the stylish and girly individual. They like to engage in casual afternoon dates, shopping sprees and outdoor brunch. This is a very traditional style that has been favored for a long time. The floral perfumes are a favorite in the warm spring and summer months. Floral notes include a variety of light ingredients such as violet, orange flower, peony, freesia, gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose.


An oriental based perfume is likely to be mysterious, dark and heavy. They give a sexy and glamorous fragrance, which makes them perfect for the big dates and formal occasions. Oriental perfumes are liked by those that indulge in spa days or dream of being famous. These perfumes are certain to help grab attention. Common notes to appear in the oriental range include dark chocolate, patchouli, white pepper, rosewood, clove, cardamom, mahogany, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.


The gourmand range of perfumes is certain to remind you of food. Many of the fragrances in this range are attractive and sensual to males. This is because the scent can remind of comforting events that can relate to family and food. The gourmand range is one group that is starting to see significant growth in popularity. The independent and quirky person is certain to appreciate the gourmand range. Some of the enjoyable notes in this perfume collection include citrus, caramel, passion fruit, chocolate, orange, berries, honey and grapefruit.

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