Perfumes To Suit Your Age – Ideas To Help You Buy The Perfect Scent

The perfume you wear says a lot about you and you should therefore select it very carefully. It is also important to know that perfumes are designed to suit certain ages and personalities. Wearing the wrong perfume can therefore cause a bit of dissonance even though it will actually smell good on your skin. As a matter of fact, perfume aficionados will certainly change their signature scent as they grow older for this very reason.

When a teenager gets her first perfumes tend all to be very fruity and floral, in keeping with her youth.  These scents convey an innocence and freshness and are therefore perfect for this age. Another thing about perfumes for young women is that they tend to be very simple and linear, in keeping with the lack of experience of the wearer. This however, does not work very well as the wearer matures.

Women tend to wear complex fragrances as they grow older since they themselves are able discern the many notes in a particular fragrance. While these fragrances might still be floral or fruity, they will definitely not be light and breezy. Instead they will have big floral bouquets with powdery notes. Scents for older women also have notes of musk to reflect the woman’s growing confidence in her sensuality. After all, the women themselves become more complex and interesting when they grow older and their perfumes have to be able to reflect the fact that they are multifaceted.

As a woman’s skin ages, it also becomes drier and less oily. This reduces the intensity of perfume that surrounds her skin. It might therefore be necessary to buy a stronger perfume that lasts longer on the skin, especially a perfume that consists of a large proportion of floral oil. An eau de parfum will be more suitable than an eau de toilette as a woman reaches her 40s (the alternative will be to spray the perfume a few times during the day).

While these rules hold good for most women, there is nothing that compels you to stick to it. If you really like a perfume and if it gets you the desired responses from other people then you should go ahead and wear it no matter how old you are. However, you should never make the mistake of buying perfume in a hurry because you need to take your time to make a good selection.

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