Smell of a Perfume Differs from One Person to another – Is it true?

Have you ever bought a perfume just because it smelt amazing on another person? Chances are that you will be less than pleased with its smell on your own skin. Even if you do like the fragrance, it is very unlikely that the smell will be exactly the same as on the other person. There is a very scientific explanation for this fact and it has to do with the way in which chemicals in the perfume react with the wearer’s individual aroma.

Each person’s skin contains a bouquet of chemicals that give that person a specific smell, almost like that person’s unique signature. The volatile organic compounds that make up a person’s scent are perceptible to others as a result of evaporation and they are of varying strengths. As a matter of fact, one might even notice that one’s skin smells different if one is unwell or stressed or when your hormone levels change. One’s lifestyle and diet are also important factors that determine the odor of one’s body.

It goes without saying that these chemicals exuded from a person’s skin react differently with the chemicals found in the perfume. The skin also contains bacteria that react with perspiration as well as perfumed products to create additional fragrances. Therefore, it is no surprise that perfumes rarely smell the same on different people. This can actually make the same perfume seem different on your own body.

The intensity of the perfume is another factor that determines how the person smells. This depends on how much of the perfume is absorbed into the pores of the skin and not necessarily on how much perfume is applied. Skin that is properly hydrated will help the perfume evaporate quickly and surround the wearer in its fragrance.

It is very clear that perfumes have to be chosen with a great deal of care and you should only ever buy them after trying them out on your skin. In fact, you should also try to find out whether the perfume lasts on your skin for a long time. It is best to wait a day or so before you actually buy the perfume. If it does, and you like the way it smells on you, then you should certainly go ahead and buy it. The right perfume will become a vital part of your identity and help you stand out from other people in a crowd.

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