The Main Players Involved in Celebrity Fragrances

From its inception to bringing it to market, the process of creating a perfume is wide-ranging and involves several different participants. By using the services of several players, it is possible to streamline the process and have the fragrance on the market as soon as possible. Here are the major participants in making a celebrity fragrance:


A well-known and popular celebrity is needed to lend their image or name to a particular perfume. They may be involved in the creation process, but they do take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to promoting the fragrance to the target audience. A celebrity is certain to work with a support term. This helps complete a lot of the ground work and may include celebrity staff, record label staff, lawyers, managers, etc. By combining the wide-ranging resources of a celebrity, it is possible to market a fragrance much more successfully and increase sales.

Perfume Distributor/Company

The perfume distributor or company is responsible for the creation of the newly launched perfume. When creating the celebrity perfume range, a fragrance company is fully responsible for managing the entire process from the first ideas to distributing it and marketing it. Because of the popularity of the celebrity fragrances, they are distributed through a high number of retailers to make it available to the widest audience possible.


A significant entity involved in the creation of the celebrity fragrance range is the perfumer. They are responsible for creating the fragrance and may work in a team or independently. They work with a diverse range of chemicals and oils to produce the distinct smell. A perfumer is given access to 2500 or more substances to include in the perfume. Out of the 2500 oils and chemical, up to 400 come from natural sources, while the rest comes from artificial compounds. Natural oils are extracted from things like grass, herbs, trees and twigs. The artificial extracts are made in a laboratory environment by scientists. Because the natural oils and chemicals are difficult to source and expensive, a lot of the fragrance ranges rely heavily on the synthetic alternatives. For instance, rose oil is much more difficult to source from hand-picked petals, compared to creating a similar fragrance in a laboratory setting.

All in all, by using the skilled participants who are experts in their specific fields, it is possible to create the unique and pleasant smelling celebrity fragrance range for all to enjoy.

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