The Proper Way To Store Designer Perfume

Many of us possess such a wide collection of perfumes that a few of them lie forgotten in a corner of the vanity cabinet or sit collecting dust on our dressing tables. And, when we remember them after a few weeks or months, we either find an empty bottle, a watered down perfume or a discolored solution. Perfume, no matter how expensive or branded it is, goes bad if not stored properly. Given are a few simple rules to keep perfume fresh for years.

Store in a Dark Place

Perfume constituents such as essential oils and alcohol breakdown easily if exposed to too much light. This causes a change in appearance and smell.  Sunlight is the worst culprit.

It is tempting to show-off a fancy and suave bottle, but it will cause your fragrances to deteriorate. The first rule is to keep scents in a dark place, away from direct light. Store the container in a dresser drawer or a cupboard that blocks the outside light. Fragrances kept in dark and opaque bottles do not spoil easily. You should keep it in its original box as added protection.

Keep away from Sources of Heat

Heat is another agent that degrades the quality of perfumes. Many store perfume bottles in a bathroom cabinet to make it easy to use. However, the changes in temperature and humidity destroy the molecular integrity of fragrances giving it an unpleasant odor. Therefore, do not store a perfume bottle in areas that experience extreme and constant fluctuations in temperature. It should be stored at room temperature. A dresser drawer is regarded as one of the best places. Also, avoid storing it in a refrigerator as cool temperatures like heat are not favorable for its composition.

Keep it tightly-sealed

Air, heat and temperature are the three factors that affect the smell and color of a perfume. A tight stopper or cap will prevent air from entering the bottle. Fragrances contain alcohol bases. As a result, exposure to air causes it to evaporate. It is a common notion that perfumes evaporate only from splash-style bottles. This is a misconception; a tiny opening is enough to change the liquid to vapors. Close the caps on spray and splash-style perfume bottles tightly. Place the bottle upright to avoid leaks.

Fitting the cork tightly is also important because oxygen from the surrounding air mixes with the fragrances and changes the composition thereby decreasing its longevity. For splash-style containers, avoid removing the cap or stopper often to reduce its exposure to air.

Keep the Mouth of the Bottle Clean

There are various methods to apply perfume. It is sprayed, misted, applied with a roller ball or an applicator wand. Roller balls and applicator wands collect dirt, oil and bacteria as they come in contact with the skin. The mouth of a splash-style and spray bottle also gets contaminated as we touch it with our hands. You should touch only the rim of the bottle and not the stoppers. Bacteria affect the perfume’s potency. Once in a while, wipe the mouth of the container and the stopper with alcohol. Let it dry and place it back.

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