Top 5 Best Summer Perfumes for Women


Miss Dior

Miss Dior – it is very complex, sweet and summery, but not overbearing. I’m sure you’ll going to love this one, because you will end up with a soft fruity vibe that is captivating. If you’re looking for something youthful, nice and fruity scent, then Miss Dior Cherie is perfect for you.



Chanel Chance

The second perfume on my top 5 best summer perfumes list is the famous Chanel Chance. This is one of the best selling perfumes in the world. It’s a true classic, you can’t go wrong with a perfume like this, so if you’re looking for the perfect classic perfume to buy, you’ve got to try Chanel Chance.



J’adore Dior

J’adore this perfume! It is a glamorous fragrance, which is very popular. This one is perfect for an elegant, delicate and feminine woman. Ladies, what do you wear to drive your man insane? If you’ve been looking for a seductive perfume, then try this J’adore Dior.



Flora by Gucci

This is a sophisticated floral fragrance and I love it because the perfume is gorgeous and beautifully fresh with its floral notes. Perfect for this summertime!




Loverdose Diesel

This perfume was made to ignite passion like never before. If you’re a girl that wants something unique and spicy, then I’m sure you already love this one! I don’t recommend it you’re looking for something light, because this one is quite heavy!

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