Types of Fragrance Categories

Scent and color originality are key design elements to help beautify a perfume product and distinguish it from others. Perfumes are treated much like accessories and may change throughout the day to match shifting moods and busy lives. Here are six of the major fragrance categories that can influence people’s feelings and emotions:


Green fragrances send out a comfortable and relaxed aroma. Green notes include ingredients like marine plants, freshly cut grass, tea leaves and green leaves. The fragrances can range from the popular summertime perfumes to the sporty fragrances. They are favored for daytime use. Green fragrances are perfect for the outdoor or casual gathering with friends and family. The color green is much warmer than blue and stands for new life.


Spicy fragrances can create a warm and welcoming feeling. They include notes like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. A first smell of the spicy perfume can leave the impression of freshly baked gingerbread and cinnamon rolls. The spicy fragrance is a great choice for daytime use.


Woody fragrances can give a classic appeal that is perfect for day or evening use. The woody scents are based on notes like moss and bark that leaves a feeling of the great outdoors. These scents give a touch of no-nonsense femininity. They aroma of the woody fragrance is classed as one of the more unisex fragrances.


Oceanic fragrances are fresh and crisp to produce a very calming aroma. They include synthetic ingredients to create natural aromas like clean linen, ocean spray and mountain air. Oceanic perfumes are great for daytime use, especially in the office or business environment.


A fruity fragrance is very fresh and spicy, so should be apply sparingly. Fruity notes are likely to include juicy fruits like mango, berry, peach and apple. They can also be combined with the floral fragrances to create a more gripping aroma. Fruity perfumes are a great choice for a night out at the movies or at a relaxing restaurant.


Floral scents are sweet and romantic and perfect to show off your feminine appeal. Floral notes include a variety of flowers to help create a wide choice of fragrances. Although some perfumes in the floral range include the single note. They are great for daytime use and can range from a best friend’s wedding to ballet or church.

All in all, by searching the wide-ranging category choices, it shouldn’t be different to find a highly attractive aroma to match a particular time and occasion.

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