What Are the Fragrance Families?

Shopping for a new fragrance or perfume is difficult for those unable to clearly explain the preferred aroma. Modern fragrances come with a variety of intricate layers or notes. These different layers are noticeable throughout the day as the fragrance starts to dry. Since there is such a choice of perfumes, a fragrance isn’t likely to fit into one specific group. Here are several of the most common fragrance families to enjoy:

Floral – Even though perfume is often associated with a flower aroma, the floral fragrance is only one of the many different types of fragrances offered in the beauty industry. However, the floral range is one of the most popular smells. Because this fragrance family is so diverse, it can range from the bright to soft floral, with a lot more variations included. A floral scent is combined with tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, lily, or rose. They are also warmed up using a collection of spices. A fragrance in this range is feminine and romantic.

Leather – A leather-based scent gives a warm and deep aroma that can give the feeling of suede or leather. The actual scent is created using cedar, tobacco, cloves and honey. It can also include a layer of citrus notes. A leather fragrance is certain to benefit those who have a preference for the traditional smell of leather, such as the aroma noticed with leather armchairs, leather jackets, or a tack shop. The leather fragrance range is split between the women’s perfumes and men’s fragrances, although they are more popular in the men’s range.

Amber – The amber fragrance (also called oriental fragrance) is similar to an incense-like, warm scent and often includes the ambergris ingredient. This ingredient is a natural scent stabilizer which was sourced from the sperm whales. Since this is an endangered species, the ambergris is now synthetically created. Amber based fragrances also include the plant resin known as labdanum. Many of the perfumes in this range are combined with wood and vanilla. Because the scent is warm and spicy it is perfect for both women and men who have a preference for the more exotic perfume or cologne.

Aquatic – An aquatic scent gives a clean and fresh fragrance which is appreciated by those favoring the energetic, youthful and sporty fragrances. Aquatic fragrances are created with a variety of layers including the citrus and floral notes. This is a type of product that is marketed as one of the male or female fragrances.

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